Karet Alam Natural Rubber

Management Disease on Rubber Plants

Mushroom Parasite called Rigidoporus Microporus

The disease can be spotted on the white mushroom around the roots. The leaves of the rubber plant will be turning yellowish pale with curly leaves. More leaves will be fall and the branches are dying. Sometimes the mushroom parasite color is yellowish during early stage. During later stage, the root will be rotten and can be contagious. Therefore early management is urgent and crucial with 80% success rate. Usually this disease commonly be found in 1-5 years old rubber plant. Recommended disease management:


Pengolesan : Calixin CP, Fomac 2, Ingro Pasta 20 PA dan Shell CP.
Liquid water treatment: Alto 100 SL, Anvil 50 SC, Bayfidan 250 EC, Bayleton 250 EC,
Calixin 750 EC, Sumiate 12,5 WP dan Vectra 100 SC.
Solid medicine dispersion: Anjap P, Biotri P, Bayfidan 3 G, Belerang dan Triko SP+ )


Tapping Panel Dryness, Brown Bast

This diseases is caused by excessive tapping and external medicine enhancement to produce more latex. The early stage of symptom can be observed by the rubber plant not producing liquid rubber. The tapping panel will turn dry and the color is changing to brown. 

The dryness of the tapping panel can be contagious. The stem of the plant will not be smooth. To control this disease, excessive tapping should be stopped and medicine enhancement to produce more liquid rubber should be stopped. 

Moreover to recover the plant, cut the dryness of the tapping panel around 3-4 mm and lubricate it with NoBB or Antico F-96 every month 3 times. The usage of NoBB must be followed using Matador 25 EC (pesticide) to control any insect destroying the steam.